places within the sandbox

The massive expanse of space now called The Sandbox is a galaxy because it's a collection of star systems. It's called the 'sandbox' because:

  • A) it's box-shaped, oblong, with fairly neat boundaries along all six sides,
  • B) it was already filled with habitable worlds, animals and plants, resources -- with no indigenous intelligent life (that anyone has found, at least). Like a sandbox computer game or app, it was set up for new inhabitants to explore and make their own.
This galaxy is divided into four areas. One chunk is Consensus Space, another 30% is Free Space, and the two ends are Veiled Space (because they are hidden within veils of nebulae.

A Human colony fleet were the last of the Races to be kidnapped here, arriving 19 Human years before the novel DAWN STAR.

The first two Races to arrive were the zRaati and Aniubi, followed by the Toatalis, Greel, Yan, Nai'issi, then Veh'Na.


Chiru Bás: A zRaati-settled world in Consensus Space

Chiru Ké: a Consensus Space world that many newly-Arrived Humans were settled on.

Edge-systems – name for the star systems along any of the Free Space borders with the Void Beyond. Or edgies.

Ganavadi XII – a mixed-Race world in Consensus Space where some of the humans from the 30,000 were quickly settled, including Lt. Leary’s parents. There is a Veh’Na mafia operating out of it.

Freh M’Toki Waystation - the interplanetary space station where the pirate destroyer Ravana tried to fry Skip’s yacht. It’s in an outlying system between Trade Alliance and the Collective territories, but the Alliance currently claim/administer it

Fortune's Star - both the system and the star share the name - the system first settled by renegade Aniubi escaping Consensus Space

Havansgaum – a conflict-ridden world with things people want enough to pay Intervetion Groups to fight over.

Havenworld – a Human settled world in Free Space. Some humans keep dogs there.

Hana’Kehod – a world where Prince Fehlis’s faction settled after Veh'Na Arrival

Hoban’s Rift – the place where Darrek’s group is registered and has a small office and storage facility.

Kaleel - the homeworld of Darrek, Starg, Miira and Jeligo. A predominantly Ainiubi world. 

Karagan’s Gem – A Freedom Collective world where Fehlis was imprisoned.

Lor’haram – a world of many resorts in Free Space

Marandis - a planet

Turanni – a Consensus planet near Kaleel and recently annexed by the Consensus.


The Major Factions of Free Space

The name “Free Space” technically means that this section of the galaxy is free from Consensus Space law and restrictions. But that doesn’t mean there is no law and order here. 

Some of its diverse factions and 'nations' are planet-based: for example, the settlements across the Yan planet Ten’So’Wu are all part of the same Ten’So’Wujh faction. 

Some ncompass many planets and other artificial habitats...

Marchek's Corner which is a grouping of Aniubi worlds in a corner of Free Space bordering Veiled Space. Fortune's Star is located in this region.

The Trade Alliance.

The Freedom Collective.

The Purified Yan Republic.

The isolationist faction called This Region Belongs to Us.

Cross Us If You Dare who are considered by most factions to be more of a pirate collective than an actual civilization. 

NOTE: Humans should learn as much as they can about any of these factions before interacting with them, to avoid cultural misunderstandings. Also, to avoid being killed by them.